Masterclass in Cocktail-Making

Looking for the best cocktail list Lincoln has to offer? Boasting innovative and classic cocktails made with the freshest of ingredients, our expert mixologists at Room Bar are waiting to take your order.

To give you an insight into just some of the delicious drinks featured on our spectacular menu here are our top five special and classic cocktails:


2015-11-24 - ROOMBERRY

Roomberry – A fruity mixture of raspberry and strawberry liquor combined with a light layer of crisp Prosecco that delicately sits on top, Roomberry is one of our popular original creations.


    Original Lincoln Spice – A combination of  muddled chilli, honey, sugar syrup, vodka and apple juice,  this spicy cocktail is strained into a frosty martini glass and garnished with a lemon twist. Pressing the ingredients to the side of the glass (or muddling them helps release the fresh flavours.


2015-11-24 - ESSEX TART

      Essex Tart – Fresh and zingy, this brightly-coloured cocktail combines limoncello and sky citrus with a lemon curd, lemon juice and sugar syrup to create a heavenly flavour that tastes sweet with a touch of sour.


    Pornstar Martini – This showstopper cocktail is a blend of vodka, vanilla syrup, passion fruit puree, tropical fruit liquor and pineapple juice. Served with a double measure of Prosecco on the side, this fruity cocktail is strained into a martini glass and garnished with half a passion fruit. Top tip – the harder you shake the ingredients before straining, the better the head on top of the cocktail and the greater chance it will withstand the weight of the passion fruit placed on top. 

2015-11-24 - FRENCH MARTINI

   French Martini – A delicious mixture of vodka, raspberry liquor, sugar syrup and pineapple juice shaken and served in a martini glass. Raspberry puree is dotted across the top and a straw tip is used to connect the dots together for a final flourish.