Wine and Food Pairing – Just in time for Christmas

Need some help planning the perfect drinks menu for your Christmas lunch? Here are our top six tips for wine and food pairing this Noel:

What are you having for Christmas lunch? Choose a fruity and oaked white wine that will complement a turkey that contains little fat over a strong, overpowering red. If you’re having a richer main meal that includes duck or goose liver opt for a sweet wine like a Pino Noir that will balance the high fat content. Creamy dishes, like the Baked Supreme of Salmon wrapped in puff pastry featured on our Christmas menu, will match a glass of Saddle Creek Semillon Chardonnay; it’s a medium to full bodied white wine that will complement and cut through the rich flavour of salmon.

Nothing says celebration like the delicate bouquet and effervescence of a smooth Champagne that sounds as delicious as it tastes. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to serve with festive canapés then Champagne is your go-to wine. Of course mulled wine is also a fantastic seasonal option that will put everyone in the holiday mood (just remember to use heatproof glasses!).

The general rule of thumb is to serve a wine with a greater sweetness than the food on the menu.

Also choose a wine with a high tannin level for textured dishes like chewy steak.

The wine that best complements your main meal might not suit the sweetness of your dessert or cheese course. It’s the season of extravagance and overindulgence so why not invest in a selection of wines to see you through the entire meal over a single aperitif? To match a decadent dessert like Christmas pudding you can either; (1) opt for a wine that’s equally as intense or (2) go in the opposite direction and select a lighter wine for contrast. A sweet, or even a sparkling, Muscat is ideal for Christmas pudding and mince pies.

For those who aren’t drinking why not serve Virgin Cocktails? The White Hart drinks menu at Bar Room includes a selection of non-alcoholic drinks too so that everyone can join in with the festive fun.